Bidding for Properties

If you would like information on applying for the housing register, please visit our Applying for the Housing Register webpage.

For information on being offered a property through the housing register, please visit our Being Offered a Property page.

Bidding for properties on the Housing Register

To be able to bid for properties, you will need to have a live application. If your application is not yet live this may be because we are awaiting further information to allow us to assess your application. Check your application for further details.

You will only be able to bid on the properties you are eligible for. For example, if you have a two bedroom need, you will only be able to bid on two bedroom properties.

You may also find that you cannot bid on some properties because of the size of the property. For example you may have two bedroom need and four people in your household. This would mean you cannot bid on two bedroom properties with a three person limit as the property would be too small.

Bidding cycle

Properties are advertised during the six-day bidding cycle. The Blaby District bidding cycle will start on a Thursday morning at midnight and will end on a Tuesday night at 11.59pm.

There will usually be no properties advertised on a Wednesday.

How to bid 

You will be able to place a bid on up to two properties per cycle for the properties you are eligible for. For guidance on how to place a bid, please see our How to Bid guide below.


If you have further questions about bidding, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Last updated 21 August 2023
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