Pay the Council

Direct debit

It's safe, easy to set up and you won't risk missing a payment.  You can also choose to pay on the 1, 15 or 28 of each month.

Pay online - debit or credit card

If you'd like to pay for the following services using a debit or credit card, you can pay online anytime.

Cards we accept:

  • Visa (Credit and Debit)
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard (Credit and Debit Cards)
  • Maestro card
  • JCB card

Request copy invoice

If you need us to email you a copy invoice for services provided, please complete the Request Copy Invoice form below.

Please note that the email address you provide in this form must match the one we have on file.

Cash or Debit or Credit Card at PayPoint Outlets

The Council offices are currently closed to the public.

We do not accept cash at our Narborough offices. You can pay us in cash safely and securely using Allpay, wherever you see a PayPoint sign. You can also pay by debit card at PayPoint outlets. Please note that Credit Card payments at PayPoint outlets are at the discretion of the individual retailers.

The Council’s barcoded bills can be used to pay the Council at one of the thousands of Post Office and PayPoint outlets across the UK.

Present your barcoded bill at the counter along with the payment amount. The transaction is processed and a receipt is printed which you should retain as proof of payment.

Pay by phone

Payments can be made by using our 24-hour automated payment line. This call should take approximately two minutes.

Call 0116 272 7722 and follow these steps to make a payment over the phone

Provide the following information when you telephone:

  • Name and Address
  • Blaby District Council Account Reference Number
  • Telephone Number
  • Card Type
  • Cardholder’s Name
  • Cardholder’s Account Number
  • "Valid From" date and "Expiry" date
  • Issue Number (if applicable)
  • Verification number (three digits located on the reverse side of your card)
  • Amount (£)

Once the process has been completed, the system will give you a reference number as proof of payment. This should be quoted in any correspondence with the Council relating to your payment together with the reference of the account being paid.

Payments by phone

Payments can be taken by Customer Services operatives. Call the number printed on the front of the bill you want to pay and quote your debit or credit card details to make the payment.

Your bank will transfer the payment from your account.

Pay by Standing Order

Standing Orders are a way of paying your Council Tax or business rates by instalments, which can save you the time of making monthly payments yourself.

How to set up a Standing Order

  1. Contact your bank or building society and tell them you would like to set up a Standing Order to Blaby District Council Head Office Collection Account
  2. You will need to give your bank/building society or bank account details. They are:
    Council’s bank details: 9 Leicester Road, Wigston-Magna, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 1NR;
    Sort Code: 40-12-35;
    Account No: 51285440
  3. You will also need to provide your Council Tax or Business Rates account reference number. You will find that number on your bill

Standing Orders are different from Direct Debits. A Direct Debit means we can instruct your bank to set up the payments to us. Standing Orders require you to tell the bank the amount of money that needs to be paid and when to pay it.

Payment dates

Standing Order payments for Council Tax and business rates are payable over 10 monthly instalments beginning in April through to January of the next year and are due on the first of each month.

However, you may now request to pay your council tax or business rates in 12 monthly instalments instead of 10. This request must be made in writing to the Revenues team.

Payments via your bank (telephone or online banking)

You should allow seven clear working days to ensure that payment is received by the Council on the due date. The bank may make a charge for this service. This charge must be met by yourself and not deducted from your payment.

  • Contact your bank and quote our bank account number 51285440 and Sort Code 40-12-35, and the account reference/invoice number for the bill you want to pay
  • Your bank will transfer the payment from your bank account to the Council's bank account
Pay by cheque

Send a cheque made payable to Blaby District Council to:
Blaby District Council
Council Offices
Desford Road
LE19 2EP.

Write your account reference number on the back of your cheque. Receipts will only be sent where a stamped, addressed envelope is included with your payment. Do NOT send cash by post.

Last updated 10 May 2024
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