Applying for the Housing Register

If you would like information on bidding for properties through the Housing Register, please visit our Bidding for Properties webpage.

Please read the information on this page before selecting the apply button below.

If you require urgent assistance with your housing issues please contact the Housing Options team by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What is the Housing Register?

There are a number of social housing properties within Blaby District owned and managed by Housing Associations. These properties are advertised through the Blaby District Council Housing Register.

The housing register is a list of households who meet the eligibility and local connection rules and wish to apply for social housing.

To find out more information on the eligibility and local connection criteria, please refer to the latest version of the Blaby District Council Choice Based Lettings Allocations Policy, which can be downloaded below.

Applying for the Housing Register

To make an application to join the Housing Register, please select the button at the top of the page and complete an online application form.

We do not provide paper copies of the application form.

You will need to meet the local connection criteria and eligibility rules to be accepted onto the Register. Please refer to the Allocations Policy for full details.

When you apply for social housing you will be assessed against our Allocations Policy, if you are accepted onto the register and a successful bidder for a property the landlord will then assess those bids in relation to their own Allocations Policy. Their policy may be different to ours.

Your offer will ultimately be dependent on their policy, even if you have been accepted by us.

It is important to note that when placing a bid you will be considered for a property, based on the advertised criteria and landlord's allocations/lettings policy.

The main areas of difference between policies may relate to:

  • Applicants owing rent or housing debt
  • Having criminal convictions or pending charges
  • Anti-social behaviour

Proof documents

As part of your application you will be expected to provide documentary evidence of your household and your circumstances. For full details of what documents we will need to see to assess your application, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Webpage.

If you have further questions about applying, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Last updated 21 August 2023
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