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Some properties in the district had their garden waste collection in March rescheduled for December due to the weather. Find out if you property will get a collection and when.

Garden Waste Collections

Please Note: In freezing temperatures garden waste may freeze to the inside of the bin and in these circumstances operatives will try their best to collect but if contents are stuck, there will be no refunds or rescheduling of collections.

Due to adverse weather conditions back in March 2023, garden waste collections in certain areas of the district were temporarily suspended.  To ensure that all subscribers receive their allocated number of garden waste collections, we rescheduled the missing collection for December. 

Unfortunately, we made an error in not including this important information in the recently provided bin hanger.  We sincerely apologise for any confusion this has caused.

Cosby, Croft, Huncote, Littlethorpe, Potters Marston and Thurlaston
The collection originally scheduled for Monday 13 March 2023 will now take place on Monday 4 December.  This affects all properties in the villages listed above.

Enderby and Narborough
The collection originally scheduled for Tuesday 14 March 2023 will now take place on Tuesday 5 December.  Please see the list of streets that will receive a collection

Blaby and Glen Parva
The collection originally scheduled for Friday 10 March will now take place on Friday 15 December. Please see the list of streets that will receive a collection

Garden Waste subscriptions are now closed until 01 January 2024

How do I subscribe or renew?

From 01 January you will be able to order a new subscription sticker for your garden waste bin.

To make sure you have a new sticker before the new subscription year begins on 01 April, order yours as early as possible.

  • New and existing customers not paying by Direct Debit can subscribe on this page from the 1 January
  • Collections take place every two weeks (on the same day as your recycling) between March and November, there are no collections between December - February
  • You need to subscribe annually for garden waste collections
  • Existing Direct Debit customers do not need to do anything. Payment will be collected on 01 March
  • The subscription period is from 01 April to 31 March. There are no pro rata reductions for ‘in year’ payments
  • Payment is taken in advance by credit/debit card or Direct Debit
  • Once paid we will send you a sticker which you can affix to your bin immediately
  • Only bins with valid stickers will be emptied
Terms and conditions

By agreeing to pay for the above service, the resident(s) (you) will be accepting the terms and conditions below; by proceeding to make a subscription or renew a subscription you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

You have agreed to pay Blaby District Council (Blaby District Council) to collect compostable garden waste that has been placed in a brown lidded garden waste wheeled bin. The service is provided fortnightly between March and November, there are no collections between December - February.  

The subscription period for the service is fixed between the dates of April 1 to March 31.

Payment is required each year in advance of receiving the service. Once payment is received, a valid subscription sticker will be issued within 10 working days. This sticker should be affixed beneath the handles of the brown lidded garden waste bin. Only upon receiving and affixing the sticker will the bin become eligible for service. Therefore, only bins displaying a valid subscription sticker will be emptied.

Pro rata payments for the service are not available. If purchasing the service part way through the fixed subscription period there will be no reductions to the annual price of the service.

If you move house within the district you will be entitled to transfer your subscription to your new home. You will need to contact us in order to do this using the details below. Please do not take your bin with you to your new home. Blaby District Council will arrange for a bin to be delivered (if required) and send a replacement subscription sticker that displays your new address.

Subscription payment refunds will not be provided (in full or in part) where:

  • You move out of the district at any time
  • Blaby District Council miss the collection of your garden waste bin (we may return to empty your bin if it is found that we were at fault)
  • Where waste in a bin is frozen or heavily compacted to such an extent that it won’t fall out of the bin when turned on the vehicle lift mechanism
  • You stop using the service for any reason

Brown lidded garden waste bins must only be used to dispose of compostable garden waste. Acceptable materials are listed on the webpage below, and on the subscription sticker which is sent to you. Collection crews will not collect waste from any bin that contains unsuitable material and will log the issue. In this instance, no return collections will be possible until your next scheduled collection and once any non-accepted items have been removed.

Compostable garden waste can be heavy. If the weight of a bin is not at a safe and manageable level for the collection crew (usually due to the material being compacted and/or wet) then the collection will be rejected and logged. No return collections will be possible until your next scheduled collection, and some of the material will need to be removed by you in order to reach a safe and manageable weight.

Your brown lidded garden waste bin should be presented for service by 6.30am on the scheduled collection day and be clearly visible and accessible next to the edge of the public highway (pavement).

All bins will remain the property of Blaby District Council at all times. If your bin becomes damaged as a result of wear and tear or during collection operations, Blaby District Council will replace or repair the bin at no charge. Please report bin damage to the council

Blaby District Council reserves the absolute right to suspend services when it is unable to collect your bins due to circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to adverse weather, industrial action, nationally declared holidays provided at short notice, operational issues, national emergency. No reductions, refunds, or rescheduling will be made where Blaby District Council suspends this service.

Existing customers

Direct Debit customers

The below form will allow you to check what kind of subscription you have, if any.

If you want to change the bank account that the Direct Debit is collected from please contact our customer services team

If you would like to change your current subscription

If you wish to make changes to your current subscription you will only be able to do this when the form is back live from the 01 of January. 

How do I subscribe or renew?

You will be able to subscribe or renew after the 01 of January when the form is live again. Sign up by 16 March to receive collections from 01 April. There are no pro rata reductions for ‘in year’ payments. Payment can be made by debit or credit card.

On subscribing or renewing to the service you will have the option to increase or decrease the quantity and size of bins you have.

Garden waste bin stickers

Stickers will arrive within 10 working days of payment being made. If it has been more than 10 working days since payment was taken for your subscription please complete the online form below.

For replacement of damaged or missing bins please visit our Replacement Bins Page.

If you have mobility or health issues you can request the Assisted Collections service to help you with your bin on collection day. 

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

We take all collected garden waste to local farmers, where it is composted and used on their own land.

The materials below can all be placed in your garden waste bin.

Garden bins - Accepted items

  • Grass and hedge cuttings
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Weeds with soil shaken off
  • Flowers and plants
  • Leaves and bark

The materials below are examples of material that cannot be composted by local farmers and therefore cannot be placed in your garden waste bin.

Garden bins - Examples of items not accepted

  • Any food waste
  • Any plastic (including bags)
  • Hard-core and soil
  • General refuse
  • Animal waste
Christmas trees

Christmas trees can be taken to the household waste site (tip), alternatively you can contact local charities as these may offer a collection service such as LOROS (please be aware there may be a charge for this) 

If you're moving house

Moving within the district

When moving within the district, please leave your garden waste bin at your old property. You will need to inform us when you have moved house so we can organise the delivery of a new garden bin to you and update our records to make sure the invoice is going to the correct address. Tell us you're moving house.

Moving out of the district

If you move out of the district, we will no longer collect your garden waste. Please leave your bin at the property you are leaving. Please ensure to cancel your Direct Debit instruction with your bank as we do not offer refunds for this service.

Garden waste collection dates

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