Report Missed Collection

Please ensure your bins are presented at the edge of your property (where the boundary of your property meets the road/pavement) by 7:00am.

There are several reasons why a bin may not have been collected:

  • The bin was not put out on your collection day
  • It was not out by 7am
  • It was not put where the boundary of the property meets the road/pavement
  • It was overloaded or too heavy
  • If you left additional waste by the side of the bin, this will not be collected
  • It was not accessible. Your road may have been inaccessible or the bin was behind a locked gate
  • Severe weather conditions
  • It contained items which are not accepted. A note or hanger on your bin will be left on your bin if this is the case

Due to the working hours of all bin crews, please do not report a missed bin until after 3:00pm on the same day of collection. A missed bin needs to be reported to us by the end of next working day. We will aim to return within two working days to collect it.

If you are elderly or registered disabled and do not have anyone to put your bins out at the boundary of your property for collection please see the assisted collections page for more information on how we can help.

Last updated 21 August 2019
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