Council Tax Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using My Account to manage and view your Council Tax.

I am new to the district - how do I register for Council Tax on My Account?

Use the Change of Address form to tell us you have moved in or out. When you have received your bill you can then register for your My Account.

I can’t find my Council Tax Account Reference number

Find your Council Tax number page if you don't know it.

I am trying to register my details but it says "we can't find a match for the details you have provided" - What does this mean?

To register your My Account you must be one of the people named on the Council Tax bill. Check that you have entered the information on the registration screen exactly as it appears on your bill.

Our Council Tax account is in more than one name - Can I register for a My Account?

Yes. Each person named on the bill can register separately. On the Council Tax registration screen, enter just your own name exactly as it appears on the Council Tax bill.

If I register online will I still receive my paper Council Tax bills?

Yes, you will still receive your bill through the post. We will be releasing a service where you can receive your bills via e-bill. This will be an e-mail notification to log into your account where your new bill will be ready to view.

Account Summary – What does this show me?
  • Billing Method – This shows you if you are set up to receive your bill via a paper bill in the post. We will soon be offering the option of e-billing which will display should you sign up
  • Council Tax Band – This will show the current band given to your property by the valuation office agency, If you think that your property band is incorrect then you would need to contact the Valuation Office
  • Payment Frequency – Shows how often you have arranged to make payments
  • Any Discounts/Exemptions – Should you have requested and are entitled to any discounts or exemptions this will be displayed in this section
  • Correspondence address – This is the address that all correspondence will be sent
  • Details of how your Council Tax is broken down
  • Balance Brought Forward – Your balance brought forward from the previous tax year
  • Annual Charge – The total amount due in Council Tax each year
  • Benefits – Any Council Tax Support that has been awarded
  • Court Costs – Any Court Costs incurred. More information on Court Costs can be found on our website Problems Paying page
  • Discounts – Any discounts awarded. The description of these will be found in the “Current discounts/exemptions” summary
  • Exemptions – Any exemptions awarded. The description of these will be found in the “Current discounts/exemptions” summary
  • Payments – Any payments made towards the year selected
  • Outstanding Balance – The current outstanding balance or the balance at the end of the year selected
  • Instalments and Payments
  • Instalment Plan – Agreed arrangement for instalments, for example, if you pay by 10 monthly instalments on the first of each month then My Account will display the date each instalment is due
  • Payments Received – Any payments made will be displayed for the year selected
  • Bills – Any Bills issued to you will be displayed here. You can then open each bill as a PDF file and print or save as you wish
  • Arrears – Any Arrears letters issued to you will be displayed here. You can then open each letter as a PDF file and print or save
Can I see the breakdown of previous years’ bills?

Yes, from the summary screen click the drop-down menu stating “Year to View” and whichever year you select will be displayed in the summary below. You can also view and print your previous bills in the Bills tab.

Can I register for more than one Council Tax account?

Yes, once you have registered to gain online access to one Council Tax account, you’ll find a link to register another account in the ‘My Accounts’ menu on the right-hand side of your ‘My Accounts’ page.

My Council Tax Account is in credit, how do I claim a refund?

If you pay by Direct Debit, any credit will be refunded to the Bank Account that pays the Direct Debit. 

If you pay by another method, you will need to complete a Refund Form.  Refund Forms are usually sent to you with your credit bill. 

If your account is in credit and you have not received a Refund Form, please contact the Council Tax Team to request one.

Last updated 8 April 2024
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