Switch to Paperless Bills

E-billing is another way to receive your Council Tax bill. Instead of receiving paper bills you will be able to view your Council Tax bill online.  

By signing up for e-billing you agree to have your Council Tax bill delivered electronically until you tell us otherwise. When a new bill is issued you will receive an email asking you to log in to view your online Council Tax account, this is where you will find your bill.  

How to sign up

Use the form below, it will guide you through all the necessary steps. As part of signing up for e-Billing you may be automatically guided through:

  • Registering for My Account (if you haven't already)
  • Linking your Council Tax account (if you haven't already)

When you receive an email notifying you that your bill is ready, log in to My Account and then you can view your bill in the Council Tax section.

E-billing means you can view your bills when and where you like and cuts down on unnecessary postage. If you need evidence of where you live, you will still be able to print off a copy of your bill.

Please contact the Revenues team using the contact form below if you want to cancel e-billing.

Last updated 1 March 2024
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