Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support can help towards the cost of your Council Tax charge if you are on a low income or in receipt of other benefits. You can claim if you are working and your earnings are low. Unless you are in receipt of Pension Credit (Guaranteed Credit), the capital limit for making a claim is £16,000.

Make a claim for Council Tax Support on the How to Claim page of the website.

Blaby District Council Tax Support Local Scheme 2024/25
  • Everyone of working age will have to pay at least 15% of their Council Tax bill
  • Residents with income that is higher than the amount that the Government says they need to live on will have a higher deduction made against any Council Tax award. Presently they lose 25p for every £1 over the living allowance
  • The Second Adult Rebate scheme only applies to residents of pension age

Pensioners are protected and will not have their entitlement reduced.

The amount you are entitled to will be used to reduce your Council Tax bill and you will receive a revised bill showing any reduced amount and how much you will have to pay.

A separate discretionary discount scheme is available to support local people experiencing severe financial hardship who may need extra help to pay their Council Tax.

Discretionary Council Tax Support

There is a separate fund to help residents who are experiencing severe financial hardship who need extra help to pay their Council Tax. This discretionary scheme can also be used to help people who have to pay Council Tax on a second property charge in the Blaby District Council area.

Any Discretionary Payment awarded for Council Tax will be discounted from your Council Tax bill.

Apply for help from this fund

To apply for extra help, visit the Discretionary Housing Payment webpage where you can find more information, and download the Discretionary Payment application form. You should send this form to us, including as much information as possible for the application to be considered.

The last two months' up-to-date bank statements for all accounts that you hold (bank, building society, Credit Union, Post Office) are required. No decision will be made on your claim unless these are provided.

We will contact you to let you know if we require any further information after receiving the form. An interview may also be arranged to discuss your request in more detail and to see whether we can offer any other help, advice and guidance.

Last updated 9 April 2024
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