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Annual Report

Our Annual Report is designed to help residents and members of the business community in the District of Blaby, find out what we do and how well we do it. You can download the latest report at the bottom of the page.

Trade Union Facility Time

Under the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirement) Regulations 2017, there is a requirement for public sector employers to publish annual information on the amount of time used by employees who are trade union representatives in respect of their duties.

We are always looking for ways to improve and would be very interested to hear your comments about the report and any information you feel we could include in the future.

Blaby Residents Survey

Every two years we carry out a general survey with residents of the district.

A survey carried out with residents of Blaby district in early 2018 has shown a positive and satisfied community within the district. 2,118 people responded to the survey.

Several services have high satisfaction ratings including:

  • Refuse collection (81%)
  • Doorstep Recycling (79%)
  • Parks and Open spaces (78%)
  • Keeping public land clear of litter (65%)

Lower areas of satisfaction were in:

  • Access to employment opportunities (24%)
  • Affordable housing (29%)
  • Additional support to residents (33%)

Other results included that the most popular method people preferred to hear about services and performance was via the Council's email newsletters, followed by Community Magazines and the website.

You can download the Residents' Survey report below

Last updated 18 September 2020
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