Works start on new toilets in central Blaby

The old toilet block at John's Court, Blaby

Works to deliver modern, fully accessible new toilets to Blaby village will begin on site this week.

Contractors will be taking borehole samples from the ground around the existing brick-built block on Wednesday. The borehole sampling, scheduled for Wednesday, will require the area to be cordoned off for safety.

The samples will reveal what is in the foundations of the old block, informing how this material can be disposed of appropriately.

It is the first stage of works actually on the site - St John’s car park in the centre of Blaby village. Off-site the new modular toilet block, complete with specialised Changing Places unit, is being built, ready for installation once the old brick block is demolished.

This is scheduled to take place within the next couple of weeks. Contractors will begin fencing off the area from 19 June, creating a secure compound to allow for the safe demolition of the existing block, installation and testing of the new unit, remedial works and car parking space reinstatement.

The process is expected to take around 12 weeks. Local residents and businesses have already been informed.

In order to minimise disruption to car park users the contractors will be required to maintain the pedestrian access which is adjacent to the library leading from the car park to Lutterworth Road.

Additionally, access will be maintained for all businesses and residents located at the rear of the precinct shops backing on to the car park.

The contractors will also be required to ensure that residents, businesses and their suppliers have full access to their premises and homes throughout the duration the compound is in place.

Once completed the site will contain a modern, modular toilet facility with rustic, red brick cladding, steel doors and a green environmentally friendly 'sedum' roof.

It will include a highly specialised Changing Places unit able to accommodate the needs of severely disabled children and adults who need extra space and assistance when using the toilet or requiring personal care.

The Changing Places unit will feature hoists, large changing bed, privacy screens and a height adjustable wash basin.

It will be accessed using a keypad with the pin obtained by users calling a dedicated telephone number.

There will also be a separate, standard, accessible toilet with washbasin, baby changing table and contactless entry.

Councillor Nigel Grundy, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services and Assets for Blaby District Council, said: "It is enormously satisfying to see plans for Blaby village's new, modern, accessible toilets actually taking shape with work on the ground.

"There has been a host of activity going on behind the scenes as details are finalised for the demolition of the old block and installation of the new one and of course the new block itself is being built off-site.

"But now people will actually see work progressing on John’s Court and know that the new toilets will be ready and open very soon."

Councillor Nigel Grundy

Councillor Nigel Grundy
Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services and Assets

12 June 2023