Priorities set for £2m prosperity fund

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Eleven projects to boost both local businesses and communities in the Blaby District have been confirmed from the first year of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

More than £2m was awarded to Blaby District Council earlier this year by the Government from its national fund. The fund has three priorities, featuring “Community and Place,” “Supporting Local Business” and “People and Skills.”

The Council is in full control of how the money is spent over the next three years and it is an exciting opportunity for the authority to deliver important projects in local communities.

Work has taken place with local partners, community groups and other stakeholders to ensure the right priorities were agreed, and at Cabinet Executive on 7 November the first 11 projects to benefit from the funding were confirmed.

The projects include a Community Safety CCTV scheme, located in key areas of the district where it is considered most needed and one year’s membership to the Federation of Small Businesses to help boost local businesses’ networking and future growth.

Green Initiatives include the expansion of the Queen’s Green Canopy tree giveaway scheme and helping parish councils in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

To help this work, Cabinet Executive also approved the creation of a Local Partnership Group which will ensure that projects are appropriately consulted on and taking feedback on board. A Programme Co-ordinator will also be appointed to manage the funding and deliver these projects.

All councils across the country are currently waiting for confirmation from the Government that they will receive the allocated funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Whilst no money will be spent until the funding is confirmed, the Council has positioned itself to take immediate advantage of the first year of money to speed up the delivery of these projects.

Councillor Terry Richardson, Leader of Blaby District Council, said: “The confirmation of these projects, and the creation of our Local Partnership Group is an exciting and important stage for the Council.

“This genuinely is a fantastic opportunity for us to dedicate time, resources and money at projects we wouldn’t normally get to deliver. Both local businesses and communities will benefit from these plans.

“Funding will be supplied over three years and in that time we will make absolutely sure that stakeholders and partners have their say and can give us robust, honest feedback. Once the funding is confirmed by the Government we cannot wait to get started.”

Cllr Terry Richardson

Councillor Terry Richardson
Leader of the Council


15 November 2022