Landfill investigation works planned

Site Of Former Landfill Rear Of Sandhill Drive

As part of the Council's ongoing commitment to public safety, investigations will take place at two former landfill sites in the District.

These are Southey Close recreation ground and a small parcel of land (about 0.2 hectare) to the rear of Sandhill Drive, both in Enderby.

Following recent work at Huncote Leisure Centre to address methane levels, the Council allocated funds to undertake exploratory work on all its known former landfill sites, with Southey Close and Sandhill Drive identified.

A specialist contractor has been commissioned and will conduct borehole drilling and sampling at both sites to assess the type of landfill present and determine if any remedial action is necessary to mitigate landfill gas levels. The resulting report from the contractor will help us decide on any required mitigation measures.

Land to the rear of Sandhill Drive
The drilling on the land to the rear of Sandhill Drive is scheduled for Monday 22 January 2024, with heavy machinery accessing the site around 7am to minimise local traffic disruption and ensure the safety of residents, especially during the school run.

It is anticipated this work will be completed within a day and the contractor will reinstate the land once the investigations are concluded.

A map has been provided below to indicate the location of the land to the rear of Sandhill Drive.

Southey Close recreation ground
Once work has been completed at the rear of Sandhill Drive, the machinery will be relocated to Southey Close recreation ground. Around 15 boreholes will be drilled there. It is anticipated sections of the recreation ground will be cordoned off from 22 to 26 January.

The boreholes on both sites will be used to establish the depth of any landfill material and to measure for any gases found to be beneath the surface.

We understand these closures may inconvenience some residents, particularly those with back gates leading to the affected areas, or those living in close proximity. Again. the contractor will reinstate the land once investigations are finished. Signage and fencing will clearly indicate areas closed to the public. We appreciate your co-operation during this period.

The Council and the contractor have worked with the Parish Council to ensure the football pitch and the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) will not be affected by the investigative works.

17 January 2024