Honorary Alderman award for former Councillor

Geoff Welsh And Wife Bev

A former Councillor who served on Blaby District Council for three decades has been recognised for his sterling work.

Geoff Welsh, who stood down as a Councillor in November, has been awarded the title of Honorary Alderman.

He had been a District Councillor representing Glen Parva ward since 1993, was leader of the Liberal Democrats for 25 years and Chairman of the Scrutiny Commission. He was also a Leicestershire County Councillor for the Glen Parva and Blaby division.

The title was bestowed at a Full Council meeting following a proposal by Councillor Luke Cousin which was seconded by Council Leader Terry Richardson.

Cllr Richardson said: "Geoff has served his community and served it well over a very long period of time. He has been a representative of his residents for all the right reasons. This honour has quite rightly been bestowed on this occasion as an Alderman title is for those people who have served their community with distinction."

Councillor Cousin, current leader of the Liberal Democrats, praised his predecessor and said: "To those of us in the Council Chamber Geoff has been a colleague and friend and mentor. He was first elected in 1993 and he has worked tirelessly for the residents of Glen Parva and the wider Blaby District. He has an impressive public service record, he’s been a passionate campaigner and a pillar of the community. He’s a founding father of the Blaby way."

Visibly moved by the honour Geoff expressed his gratitude and thanked Councillors and officers for their kind words and support during his tenure.

He added: "I am honoured to receive this award of Honorary Alderman. I have been privileged to work for the people of Glen Parva and Blaby for 30 years. I have had many exciting opportunities and met some interesting people while resolving many issues of the constituents."

06 February 2024