From Council depot to Police Constable

Yuriy Song Driver And Mechanic Turned Police Constable

A former driver and mechanic from Blaby District Council is taking his enthusiasm for serving the community in a whole new direction by joining Leicestershire Police.

Yuriy Song has been a Special Constable since November 2022 but is now a fully-fledged officer after starting full-time with the force this January.

He is taking many of the experiences and values of being a team member in the Council depot with him to his new role.

Yuriy came to Blaby District Council as a driver following the easing of Covid after working for the authority previously through an agency. He drove bin lorries at first but was then seconded to the workshop at the start of 2023.

The 28-year-old, who lives in Leicester, said: "I’m definitely taking the knowledge and skills I have learnt at Blaby District Council with me. The biggest thing I have learned from being on the frontline is how important it is to have engagement with the community and how important your image is as a person. It’s important to treat everyone equally and fairly and with respect. You are providing a service to every single person."

It was while working for Blaby District Council that Yuriy decided to volunteer as a Special, wanting to give something back to the community.

During his time as a Special he found a real passion for policing and decided to apply to join Leicestershire Constabulary full-time.

He said: "I did shifts after work and at weekends and was based in the city centre so dealt with all sorts. I did a lot of nights shifts so was involved in policing the night time economy with all that brings with it - fights and domestics as well as road traffic accidents. I was also part of operations such as taxi licensing and traffic enforcement. I even made a couple of arrests. The first one was a shoplifting incident which went all the way to court and I had to testify before magistrates."

Yuriy is yet to find out at which station he will be based but he’s hoping for either the city centre or Braunstone which will mean continuing his relationship with Blaby District.

He said: "I had a fantastic time at Blaby District Council – I don’t regret a single day. I worked with lots of different people which was great but now I’m looking forward to getting to grips with my new role."

Ian Curtis, Transport Services Manager for the fleet and depot, said: "It’s been a pleasure to have Yuriy on the team. He has given his all in every task put before him and shown a true enthusiasm for public service – we wish him well with his new challenge as a police officer."

Councillor Nigel Grundy, Blaby District Council Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services and Assets, said: "I’m sure the team are sorry to see Yuriy go but I’m certain he will excel in his new role taking with him the experiences he has gained at Blaby District Council. It’s always sad to see people move on but also satisfying that their work here has provided a firm foundation for their future careers."

• Leicestershire police has open recruitment for Special Constables, visit: Leicestershire Police Special Constable

Councillor Nigel Grundy

Councillor Nigel Grundy
Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services and Assets</

17 January 2024