Chief Executive

Jane Toman became the Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service at Blaby District Council in March 2016. Before taking over the role of Chief Executive, Jane was the Director of People for the Council.

Jane manages the day-to-day running of the Council so that public services are delivered following the policies and budget framework set by Councillors. Jane works closely with Councillors, the Council’s Senior Leadership Team and partners so that the Council looks ahead to plan, deliver and monitor how effectively services meet the needs of the communities of Blaby.

Jane feels that it is important to make sure that all staff working at Blaby see their job as improving services for people that live, work and visit the Blaby District.

Jane is always keen to hear from you about how well you think we are delivering services in Blaby and to listen to any suggestions that you may have on what can be done to further improve what we do.

How to contact Jane

1. Write to the Chief Executive at Blaby District Council, Council Offices, Desford Road, Narborough, Leicester LE19 2EP

2. E-mail the Chief Executive at

Last updated 5 June 2020
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