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Leicestershire and Rutland Information Sharing Protocol ISP

Blaby District Council is signed up to the Leicestershire and Rutland Information Sharing Protocol (ISP), which defines the framework for the sharing of information by agencies operating within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. This Information Sharing Protocol provides a commitment by the organisations that are signed up to it, to ensure that a framework is in place that facilitates the sharing of information between partners and respects the individual’s right to privacy. Blaby District Council recognises that information sharing is increasingly important in the provision of services to our communities.

The Leicestershire and Rutland ISP was refreshed in February 2014, to take into account the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Data Sharing Code of Practice, which was published since the 2009 version of the ISP. A copy of the 2014 ISP is available below.

Information Sharing Agreements ISA's

Information Sharing Agreements (ISA’s) are the documents which set out how information will be shared to support the delivery of particular projects or services. They set out the purpose and legal basis for the sharing, what information is to be shared, and arrangements around information security.

Blaby District Council has signed up to the following Information Sharing Agreements (ISA’s) under the Leicestershire and Rutland ISP

Supporting Leicestershire Families, Think Family, Changing Lives

The purpose of this document is to facilitate the lawful and safe exchange, use and security of personal data and sensitive personal data, in order to ensure that the business objectives of the Supporting Leicestershire Families/Think Family and Changing Lives Programme are met. Signed 30 January 2014.


The purpose of this information sharing agreement is to facilitate the exchange of information between partners to adopt a multi-agency approach to tackling anti-social behaviour to identify vulnerability and reduce the risk, threat and harm to individuals. Signed 21 May 2014.

Leicestershire Regulators - Alcohol Licensing

The purpose of this information sharing agreement is to enable enforcement action and or compliance checks to be undertaken in relation to licensed premises across Leicestershire. Signed 30 June 2014.

Local Resilience Forum - Emergency Responders

The purpose of this information sharing agreement is to enable emergency responders in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland share information to prepare for and effectively respond to a major incident.

Last updated 31 December 2019
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