We're aware of issues with the printing of some garden waste stickers. If you have received a garden waste sticker with an incomplete address, it is still valid and your garden waste bin will be emptied.

Public Space Bins for Litter and Dog Waste

A public space bin, otherwise known as a street litter bin, lets you dispose of waste whilst you are on the move. This could be when you are out on a walk, or when using public spaces such as parks and play areas.  

Public space bins are also a means of helping us meet our statutory duty to clear litter and refuse (as far as practicable) from public places for which we are responsible for.

In April 2021, councillors approved the use of ‘dual waste bins’ in public spaces across the district, meaning that both litter and bagged dog waste can be disposed of in the same place. These bins will be clearly labelled. Our District Cleansing team will be gradually rolling out the installation of these bins from May 2021 onwards.

In the meantime, there are still many public space bins within the district where you can dispose of either litter or bagged dog waste.

For more information on public space bins and the District Cleansing Service, please have a look at our Public Space Bin and District Cleansing Policy.

Last updated 1 April 2022
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