Social Media Policy

The Council’s social media accounts are monitored during working hours, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.

Our communications team, who manage the social media accounts, will ensure an answer is sought to any query, responding as soon as possible.

For urgent, serious or involves personal details please contact the Council via the contact us form at the bottom of the page or call Customer Services.


We follow the rules and guidance put in place by the social media sites that we use, and rely on the measures of protection and intervention they have in place, for example against illegal, harmful or offensive content. We reserve the right to remove any contributions that break the rules of the site or any of the following guidelines:

  • Do not post messages that are unlawful, defamatory or libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually-oriented or racially offensive
  • Do not bully, harass or intimidate any individual or organisation
  • Do not swear
  • Be civil, tasteful and relevant
  • Do not post content copied from elsewhere, for which you do not own the copyright
  • Do not publicise your, or anyone else’s, personal information, such as contact details
  • Do not advertise products in a commercial fashion
  • Do not impersonate someone else

Rules of engagement

We welcome respectful and lawful engagement on our social media platforms. Interactions should be fair, non-discriminatory and free from false or misleading information.

Comments that display abusive or disrespectful conduct towards community members or representatives of Blaby District Council may be hidden, removed, or result in the user being blocked, banned or reported.

Our social media pages are intended for community interaction, not for self-promotion, marketing, political and cultural commentary or propaganda. Posts that do not align with these guidelines will be removed.  Repeated misuse may result in account blocking.

Liking and following

We often follow or like accounts that provide information that is relevant to our work as a Leicestershire local authority, such as government agencies, local media, and public sector partners, as well as accounts whose information we can pass on for the benefit of our residents.

Sharing and retweeting

There will be occasions where we will support a local or national campaign by retweeting and sharing posts and times when we have to follow or like an account to take part in a conversation. This does not mean we endorse any of the accounts, their comments or actions.

As a trusted organisation any sharing of information could be seen as an endorsement of a particular view, individual or organisation, and we must remain impartial and protect the reputation of Blaby District Council.

Last updated 18 June 2024
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