High Hedges

If you have an issue with a neighbours' evergreen hedge, you can contact us to investigate the matter if the hedge(s):

  • Exceed two metres in height
  • Forms a line of at least two trees or shrubs
  • Are mostly evergreen or semi-evergreen (excluding Beech and Hornbeam)
  • Are on neighbouring land and owned by someone else
  • Are capable of obstructing light, even if there might be gaps in the foliage or between the trees or shrubs

When can we get involved?

We only become involved in high hedge complaints as a last resort when both parties concerned cannot agree on a solution. More information is available on the Government website on how to resolve high hedge disputes at the bottom of the page.

Making a high hedge complaint

If you wish to make a high hedge complaint or would like some further advice about our service, you can contact the Planning Enforcement Team by downloading and completing the High Hedge Complaint form below. Guidance documents are also available.

You can also fill in the contact us form at the bottom of the page.

Complaint process

Once a complaint is made to us, our role is to adjudicate whether the hedge is having a negative affect on the the enjoyment of the complainant's property." In order to do this, we aim to strike a balance between the interests of both the complainant and the hedge owner.

If a complaint is upheld, we will be able to issue a formal notice to the owner of the hedge, which will set out what they must do in order to resolve the hedge dispute. Either party has a right to appeal the decision.


A fee of £410 is payable with every application. A reduced fee of £50 may be applicable to anyone who is on means tested benefits.

Last updated 18 September 2019
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