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New Lubbesthorpe

What is New Lubbesthorpe?

New Lubbesthorpe is a major new development incorporating over 4,000 new homes and including facilities. A masterplan of New Lubbesthorpe can be downloaded below.

Approved in 2014, the first homeowners moved in during 2017 as the first phase of development continues.

Where is it?

New Lubbesthorpe lies to the south of Leicester Forest East and is bordered by the M1 to the east. The M69 separates the housing and employment sites in the new development.

What will be there?

When the development is finished, it will include

  • 4,250 homes
  • A District centre with buildings for retail, commercial, employment and community use
  • Two Local Centres will include retail, community, and leisure facilities
  • A secondary school with playing fields, sixth form facility, and community facilities
  • Two primary schools, playing fields and children’s nursery facilities;
  • A health centre
  • A Business Centre with office space
  • An employment site including office space, storage and distribution businesses and general industries

Which housebuilders are on site?

The first homes in the development will be built by Davidsons, Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes.

Will there be any affordable homes on-site?

When completed there will be over 800 affordable homes within New Lubbesthorpe.

Shared ownership property and a help to buy scheme are available. Anyone interested will need to register with Help to Buy Midlands.

Anyone interested in registering for an affordable property in Blaby District should do so by visiting the Blaby Homes website.

Additional help for first-time buyers can be found on the Help for First Time Buyers page. Information on Housing is also available.

Will there be any open spaces?

A large amount of public open space will be available, including:

  • Over 43 acres of playing fields
  • Over 475 acres of open space featuring the “Deserted Medieval Village of Lubbesthorpe”
  • Scheduled Monument, Lubbesthorpe Bridle Road, existing and new woodlands, allotments and embankments

What transport facilities will be available?

New Lubbesthorpe will feature many transport features, including:

  • A new bus, pedestrian and cycle only access
  • Improvements will be made to Baines Lane and the Baines Lane/A47 junction
  • Bus, pedestrian, cycle and resident access only onto Watergate Lane
  • The new bridge over the M1 gives access from Meridian Way
  • Two new access points for vehicles from Beggar’s Lane
  • Improvements to the Beggar’s Lane/A47 junction
  • Access for vehicles from Leicester Lane

How long will it take?

New Lubbesthorpe will be constructed in four phases. The first phase began in 2016 and includes:

Phase 1
  • Approx. 1,230 homes
  • M1 Bridge and link
  • Beggars Lane Access and Main Street (Tay Road)
  • The building of the first primary school
  • The building of the first local centre
  • Old Warren Park
  • Western Gateway and a part of the Central Park
  • Brook Park
Phase 2
  • Approx 1,000 homes
  • Health Centre
  • The building of the second primary school
  • Part of Central Park
  • Second access for Beggars Lane


Phase 3
  • Approx 1,020 homes
  • District Centre
  • Business Village
  • Secondary School
  • The building of the second Local Centre
  • District Centre Park
  • Embankment Park
Phase 4
  • Approx 1,000 homes
  • The second part of Brook Park
  • Commons Park
  • M69 Link and Bridge

Construction and all four phases of New Lubbesthorpe are anticipated to be completed in the 2030s.

Last updated 7 January 2020
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