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Gambling Premises Licence

We are responsible for the licensing of premises within the boundary of the district where gambling activities take place under the Gambling Act 2005.

A Premises licence can be granted to authorise the following gambling activities:

  • Casinos
  • Bingo clubs
  • Family entertainment centres
  • Adult gaming centres
  • Betting premises including tracks

You must have a right to occupy the premises of the location you are applying for a licence. If you do not have the right to occupy the premises, you may apply for a provisional statement rather than a premises licence.

If you wish to apply, you must submit the relevant application form. Your licence application should include the relevant licence fee, together with a scaled plan of the premises.


  • Complete the appropriate application form
  • Attach any supporting documents
  • Attach a plan of the premise (where applicable)
  • Attach the application fee (where applicable)
  • Send copies of the application to the Responsible Authorities (see list below)
Application process

Once the application has been sent to the licensing authority, you must:

  • Notify the responsible authorities about the application
  • Display a notice on the premises for 28 days beginning on the day the application is received by the licensing authority
  • Place a notice in the local newspaper on one occasion within 10 working days of the licensing authority receiving the application

Please note that we will visit the premises to ensure that the notice is displayed correctly on the premises. If the notice is not displayed correctly, the 28 days representation period will begin again from the date that the notice is displayed correctly.

A copy of the notice displayed in the local newspaper is to be sent to the licensing authority to prove compliance with the notice requirements.

There will be a 28-day representation period for responsible authorities and/or interested parties to raise any concerns in relation to the application. If no representations are received, the application is granted subject to mandatory and default conditions.

If any representations are received and not withdrawn following negotiation, the application will be determined by the Licensing Sub-Committee. If your application receives representations, Officers will provide further advice on the hearing procedure.

If a premises licence has been granted, an annual fee will be payable 30 days after the grant of the licence and annually. Failure to pay the annual fee will result in the premises licence being revoked.

Last updated 10 November 2023
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