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Street Collection Permit

To collect money or sell items for the benefit of charitable or other purposes, you must obtain a street collection permit from us if the collection is to be held 'in a street or public place'. A 'public place' is defined as a place where the public has access.

You will need to make a permit application with enough notice before the date when the collection is due to take place (this needs to be at least one month before the date of the collection).

If the collection is to take place on privately owned land then permission from the landowner will be required.

A street collection permit will be required even if the collection is in a shop doorway or car park as this is a public place.

There is no cost for the permit, which is usually made by charities and take place in a shopping area on a busy shopping day. Money must be collected in a sealed container by authorised collectors. Permits are restricted to enable charities to raise money without their collections clashing with those of other charities.

Making an application

  • Choose a date, time and location for your collection
  • Gain permission from the landowner if site is on privately owned land
  • Apply online (no fee applies) at least one calendar month before the first date of the collection. You can also download and fill in the application form for a street collection permit below
  • If a permit is granted, a form of the statement must be returned to the Licensing Section within a month of the collection date. You can download this form below

Find out more information about the Street Collection Regulations by downloading the brief guide available below.

Last updated 3 October 2023
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