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House to house permit

To make a house-to-house collection for charitable purposes you will need a licence from the local authority of the area you want to collect from unless you hold a Home Office Exemption. Under the terms of the House to House Collections Act 1939 and 1947 Amendment Act, it is a legal requirement for an individual or organisation to acquire a permit from a local authority if they wish to make a house-to-house collection.

Within a month after the end of the collection, you must submit a statement of return for all money received and all articles collected and disposed of. Accounts to the Secretary of State must be sent annually.

You can apply for a house-to-house application online using the facility below.

Downloadable forms for the House-to-House Application and Form of Statement are also available.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent does apply, meaning that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us by the end of the target completion period of 31 days from the date of receipt of a full application. If you are submitting this application by post tacit consent will only apply when the business can show proof of delivery from the Post Office or a recognised courier.

Failed application redress

If an application is refused, please contact us in the first instance by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. You have the right to appeal to the Minister for the Cabinet Office. Appeals must be lodged within 14 days of the refusal.

Licence holder redress

You have the right to appeal against the condition of the licence. Please contact us in the first instance. You have the right to appeal to the Secretary of State.

Appeals must be lodged within 14 days of the refusal.


If you are located in the UK, Consumer Direct will give you advice. From outside the UK contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

Online Application

Last updated 26 April 2024
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