Preventing Damp and Mould

On the Thursday 7 September 2023, the Government produced new guidance on Damp and Mould.

The guidance applies to all types of accommodation providers, owner-occupier and tenants.

It sets out the health effects of damp and mould and provides guidance as to how it should be identified and addressed by those responsible.

The guidance is a direct response to the Coroner's report into the tragic death of 2 year old Awaab Ishak in 2020, due to mould in his family home.

It makes sure that social and private sector landlords have a thorough understanding of their legal responsibilities, and of the serious health risks that damp and mould pose.

Landlords must ensure that the accommodation they provide is free from serious hazards, including damp and mould, and that homes are fit for habitation.  They must treat cases of damp and mould with the utmost seriousness and act promptly to protect their tenants' health.

As this guidance also makes clear, tenants should not be blamed for damp and mould.  Damp and mould in the home are not the result of 'lifestyle choices', and it is the responsibility of landlords to identify and address the underlying causes of the problem, such as structural issues or inadequate ventilation.


How to make a complaint

If you are having problems with damp and mould in the property which your landlord is not able to resolve you can email please include - 

  • Photographs of damp and mould where you can.
  • Provide as much information such as how long the issue has been going on for and what action the landlord has taken.
  • If you live in a Housing Association property, please include the name of Housing Association and any Housing Officers you have been in contact with regarding this issue.
The Council's action plan for damp and mould

The Secretary of State, RT Hon Michael Gove MP, has asked all local authorities to set out a plan on how they will prioritise addressing the issues of damp and mould for private rented properties in their areas, and these plans be published.

Last updated 12 October 2023
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