Private Water Supplies

Private water supply is a supply of water which does not come directly from a public supply, such as from Severn Trent Water.

Private water supplies also come from wells, springs, boreholes and streams. A mains supply distributed to other properties by a privately maintained network of pipes, known as a Private Distribution System, is also a private water supply.

We have a responsibility for regulating the private water supplies within the district.

Risk Assessments

The Council is required to risk assess and monitor the quality of water from private water supplies when:

  • The supply serves more than one house
  • The supply is used for commercial purposes including food businesses, hotels, dairy farms, holiday rentals and a workplace in which people are employed
  • The supply is in a public building
  • A Private Distribution System supply serves two or more independent properties

A risk assessment surveys the entire supply system from source to point of use to identify risks of contamination and appropriate control measures.

The person with knowledge of the system will need to be present during risk assessment to give the inspector access to the relevant areas, to make a comprehensive assessment. We will also risk assess private water supplies serving a single dwelling on request. Charges are applied for all risk assessments.


The following supplies will be monitored:

  • Large and commercial supplies. The frequency of monitoring will depend on the volume of water supplied and the result of the risk assessment
  • Small supplies. These supplies will be monitored at least once every five years, or based on the initial risk assessment
  • Private supply to a single dwelling. This is available from the Council on request, with charges applying


The Council charges for this duty. Costs are listed below:

Please note that the landowner of the source of the supply is also liable for any charges incurred by the risk assessment. Charges may be divided between the commercial and non-commercial section activity of some premises.

Service and Charges
Service Charge
Risk assessment (for each assessment)

£45 per hour

Hourly rate for the time spent to complete the work.

Sampling (for each visit)

£45 per hour

Hourly rate for the time spent to complete the work.


£45 per hour

Hourly rate for the time spent to complete the work.

Granting an authorisation

£45 per hour

Hourly rate for the time spent to complete the work.

Analysing a sample

  • Taken under Regulation 10
  • Taken during monitoring of Group A parameters
  • Taken during monitoring of Group B parameters and monitoring under Regulation 11


  • Laboratory costs
  • Laboratory costs
  • Laboratory costs
Last updated 26 April 2024
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