Air Quality

We have a responsibility to measure the quality of air in the district to ensure that it meets required standards for certain pollutants. Blaby District Council monitors nitrogen dioxide and hazardous particles.

Air Quality Management Areas

There are currently four declared Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

  • AQMA 1: A5460 Narborough Road South
  • AQMA 2: M1 corridor in Enderby and Narborough
  • AQMA 3: M1 corridor between Thorpe Astley and Kirby Muxloe
  • AQMA 4B: Enderby Road, Whetstone
  • AQMA 6 B582 on Mill Hill, Enderby

Monitoring and Assessment

We use Automated Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS) to sample the air to detect the concentration of pollutants. This equipment identifies trends and patterns of air pollution.

There are currently 4 AQMSs in the District, 1 of which is owned by Leicestershire County Council and operated by us. A 5th AQMS is to be purchased soon using section 106 funding from the Fosse Park extension. 2 of the AQMSs monitor Particulate Matter (fine sooty particles), all monitor Nitrogen Dioxide. The AQMSs is located at:

  • Sandhill Drive, Enderby (in AQMA 2)
  • Mill Hill, Enderby (in AQMA 6)
  • 2 on Hinckley Road, Leicester Forest East (in AQMA3)

There are also 61 tubes monitoring the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide placed across the district. These tubes monitor AQMAs and areas of potential higher levels of nitrogen dioxide.

An Action Plan to reduce the level of Nitrogen Dioxide in the AQMAs has been produced by the Council.

Results of monitoring for Nitrogen Dioxide

The National Air Quality Objective for the average annual concentration of nitrogen dioxide is 40 µg/m3. An AQMA is declared when this figure is exceeded.

Further information on the results of the monitoring carried out can be found within the reports.

If you require monitoring results from our air quality monitoring stations, please contact us by using the form at the bottom of the page.

Click the below button to check the latest monitoring results in Blaby District. Please note that the data require calculations to be applied before being final.

Last updated 24 February 2021
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