People experience nuisances from time to time which affects their enjoyment of their property. We aim to first respond to a complaint within two working days, and can assist in resolving these problems by taking informal or formal action.

Information given to us is in confidence, except certain court action. We can deal with a wide range of problems but are unable to take formal action over traffic or aircraft noise and odours emitted from a domestic property.

We investigate nuisances that residents may feel they are experiencing at their property. Some of these may fall under a Statutory Nuisance, which is covered by the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Issues that may be a statutory nuisance include:

  • Noise from a property, business premises or vehicles
  • Smells from industry, trade or business premises (for example, sewage treatment works, factories or restaurants)
  • Certain types of artificial light
  • Insect infestations from industrial, trade or business sites


For more information on noise, visit the Noise Issues or Neighbour Noise FAQ pages.

Examples of potential statutory noise nuisances include:

  • Amplified music or noise from a radio, television or stereo system
  • Barking Dog(s)
  • House alarms
  • Noise from DIY activities at unreasonable times
  • Noise from vehicles, machinery or equipment in the street (no traffic noise)
  • Noise from construction and industrial premises
  • Noise from commercial premises

Artificial Light

The types of artificial nuisance light the Environmental Health Team can investigate include:

  • Domestic security lights
  • Commercial security lights
  • Sports facilities
  • Domestic decorative lighting


An investigation will be opened if a valid pollution complaint, such as emissions of smoke, fumes and gasses, dust steam and smell is made. If a statutory nuisance is present, formal action will be taken on the person responsible which may involve the service of an Abatement Notice.

If found guilty of an offence of this type then the maximum fine is £5,000 for domestic premises and unlimited for commercial premises. However, a further fine may be levied for up to one-tenth of the fine amount per day whilst the offence continues after conviction.

Last updated 9 January 2024
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