Noise Issues

Noise complaints dealt with by Environmental Health:

  • Amplified noise (including loud music or TV)
  • Animal noise (including barking dogs or crowing cockerels)
  • Commercial noise (including noise from shops, pubs, leisure facilities)
  • Construction or industrial noise (including machinery, factories, building sites)
  • Intruder alarms (including car and house alarms)
  • Mechanical noise (DIY)

Please visit our Report a Noise Problem page to make a noise complaint to the Council.

Anti-social behaviour and deliberately made noise

If you believe that the noise is being made on purpose provide evidence by completing diary sheets we will review the information to see how we can help you. We work very closely with our anti-social behaviour team, and we will likely refer your complaint to them for the following issues:

  • Noises reportedly being made on purpose
  • Noise associated with loitering, groups or gangs
  • Noise associated with anti-social behaviour
  • Abusive language directed at yourself or others
  • Swearing, shouting, slamming doors in excess

Transport noise

Unfortunately, we have no jurisdiction to deal with road traffic noise, railway noise and aircraft noise; these are exempt from statutory nuisance law. We may work in conjunction with Highways at Leicestershire County Council if there is an identified noise problem associated with a particular road, especially if it is a new road or recently altered.

Banging noises, slamming doors, children playing, heavy footsteps

Unfortunately, we have no statutory powers to deal with people noise and noise associated with people’s behaviour. Please note that no home can be sound-proofed and it is expected to hear some neighbour noise, particularly if you live in a flat, semi-detached or terraced house.

Last updated 17 August 2023
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