Dog Fouling

It is an offence if anyone in charge of a dog, whether it belongs to them or not, fails to remove the dog's faeces should it foul in any public area. This includes parks, footpaths and also private land where the public are permitted to have access.

Anybody who is witnessed committing an offence will be offered the opportunity to accept a fixed penalty notice and pay a fine to discharge liability for the offence. Refusal of the fixed penalty notice or failure to pay the fine will result in legal action.

The Council is also responsible for street cleansing and will respond to any reports to remove dog fouling.

If you are aware of an area where dog fouling is a persistent problem, we can investigate and monitor the area. Any information you can provide, such as approximate times, will assist the investigation.

You can request the removal of dog fouling, report a witnessed incident and report a fouling problem by filling in the online form.

If you witness somebody failing to clean up after their dog, and you know who they are or where they live, a fixed penalty notice if you provide a witness statement.

Should you choose not to supply a witness statement, we can still investigate the offender and make attempts to witness the person committing an offence.

You can fill in the online form above to speak to us about taking part in the Bite Back campaign in your local area. See the Animal Services page for more information.

Last updated 16 August 2023
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