Interim Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations Review 2022

The Council has begun an interim review of some of its polling places and districts ahead of the Local Elections on 4 May 2023. A public consultation is running from 22 August until 15 October.

The Returning Officer has made comments and recommendations for the review which can be found below. 

Why is this interim review needed?

This interim review is needed to take into account changes to its district ward boundaries as a result of an Electoral Boundary Review. The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) review reduced the number of wards by one and changed 15 existing ward boundaries to ensure that each councillor represents approximately the same number of voters. It is therefore necessary to adjust our polling districts to reflect these changes.

Polling districts covered by this review

This review only applies to polling districts that have been affected by the LGBCE boundary changes

  • Blaby - Polling district A
  • Braunstone - Polling districts E, F, H
  • Glenfield - Polling districts DJ, DL
  • Leicester Forest East - Polling districts DR, DS

The review process

We must comply with certain requirements when conducting the review:

  • We must seek to ensure that all electors have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable
  • So far as is reasonable and practicable every polling place should be accessible to electors who are disabled
  • A polling place must be designated for each polling district, unless the circumstances of a polling district are such that the location does not materially affect the convenience of the electors
  • The polling place should be an area in the district, unless there are special circumstances
  • The Returning Officer must comment on the existing and proposed arrangements and allocate electors to polling stations

This review will not consider changes to the city boundary, Parliamentary constituency boundaries or ward boundaries.

The review timetable

Event Date
Publication of the Notice of Review and start of the public consultation period 22 August 2022
Publication of the Returning Officer's comments and proposals 22 August 2022
Deadline to submit responses. End of the consultation period  12pm 15 October 2022
Final proposals taken to Council for approval 22 November 2022
Publication of the result of the review and representations received  24 November 2022
Publication of the revised register (implementing these changes)  1 December 2022

Terms used in the review

Polling District - a geographical subdivision of an electoral area

Polling Place - the area or building in which polling stations can be located

Polling Stations - the actual room or area in which voting takes place

Have your say

A public consultation is taking place from 22 August until 12pm on 15 October.

We welcome comments regarding both the current and proposed arrangements. If you disagree with a proposed polling place it would be helpful if you suggest an alternative venue that you think the Council should consider along with the reasons you think this is a better option.

We would particularly encourage any comments about the accessibility of polling stations from voters with any type of disability.

The Council is required to publish any representations made in the course of the review. These will be anonymised.

Should you wish to make any comments or observations on any of the existing arrangements and/or propose alternative arrangements, please submit them in writing to by post to Electoral Services, Council Offices, Narborough, Leicestershire, LE19 2EP.

Last updated 20 September 2022
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