Parliamentary Boundary Review

Following the passing of the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2020 in December 2020, and the publication of the relevant Parliamentary electorate data in January 2021, the Boundary Commission for England have now begun a new review of all Parliamentary constituencies in England. This is referred to as the ‘2023 Review’, and they are required to report their final recommendations by 01 July 2023.

The aim of a Parliamentary Boundary Review is to ensure that the number of voters in each constituency is more equal. 

The Commission holds a series of public consultations to gain your views on their proposals. 


08 June 2021: the Boundary Commission for England published its initial proposals for new constituency boundaries and begin first consultation

22 February-04 April 2022: Second consultation period

Late 2022: Publish revised proposals and begin four week written consultation

June 2023: Publish final report and recommendations

For the 2023 Review, the Commission has launched a new consultation website as the primary tool for displaying their proposals, and receiving comments on them.

Last updated 17 February 2022
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