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Types of Elections

Elections in the district take place for various reasons, whether for local interests (Parish, District or County Councils), national interests (General Elections or Referendums) or European Parliament elections.

District and Parish Council Elections

District and Parish Council elections are held on the first Thursday in May, once every four years. The last election was held on the 2 May 2019.

The District of Blaby is made up of 18 Wards, with between one and three representatives for each ward. There are a total of 39 seats.

There are 24 Parishes in Blaby District, of which 20 have Parish Councils with elected councillors chosen every four years. These elections are held at the same time as the District elections. There are a total of 239 seats.

County Council Elections

County Council elections are held on the first Thursday in May, once every four years. The last elections were held in May 2017.

Blaby District is split over seven divisions. Six of these divisions are represented by one Councillor each. The Glenfield, Kirby Muxloe and Leicester Forests division is represented by two Councillors.

Parliamentary General Election

Parliamentary elections are held after Parliament is dissolved. The maximum term of office of a Government is five years, however, elections can be held before that time has expired.

Blaby District is split between two Parliamentary Constituencies, South Leicestershire and Charnwood, each represented by one member of Parliament (MP).

European Parliamentary Elections

European Parliamentary elections are held every five years on a date which is determined by the Council of the European Communities and takes place throughout Europe between Thursday and the following Sunday of the specified week due to the Member States traditionally vote on different days of the week

Blaby District is part of the East Midlands Region which is represented by five members of the European Parliament (MEP's).

Last updated 2 July 2020
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