Exemptions from Paying

The following cases are exempt from paying Council Tax:

  • Halls of residence – the property will be exempt if it is lived in mainly by students and owned or managed by an educational establishment
  • A property that is solely occupied by students, school or college leavers, aged 18 or over, either in full-time or term-time accommodation
  • Armed forces accommodation – the property will be exempt if it is held for the purpose of providing armed forces accommodation (houses, barracks, mess and married quarters)
  • Visiting armed forces accommodation – a property will be exempt if it is lived in by a person with a relevant association to a visiting force
  • Empty caravan pitches or houseboat moorings – a dwelling made up of a pitch or a mooring which is not occupied by a caravan or a boat
  • A property that is occupied only by people under the age of 18
  • A property with at least two separate dwellings and occupied by a dependent relative, for example a “granny flat”
  • A property where the resident is a dependent relative of the person(s) living in another part of the property and is aged 65 years or over, disabled or severely mentally impaired
  • Solely occupied by people who are severely mentally impaired
  • Where at least one liable person has diplomatic, commonwealth or consular privilege or immunity – a property lived in by a diplomat
Last updated 22 July 2019
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