Sustainable Fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion? 

Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.

Sustainable fashion concerns more than just addressing fashion textiles or products. It addresses the entire manner in which clothing is produced, who produces it, and how long the life span of a product is before it reaches the landfill.

This sustainable movement combats the large carbon footprint that the fashion industry and fast fashion have created by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the environmental impact of fashion can combat air pollution, water pollution and overall climate change that could possibly prevent millions of premature deaths over the next century.

What changes can we make? 

  • Buy long-term clothing. High street stores are mostly fast fashion, meaning items of clothing come and go quickly when each season changes
  • Try shopping second-hand for sustainable or charity shops
  • Buy quality products the first time around
  • Carry a reusable shopping bag with you for your purchases
  • Look after your clothes, paying attention to the care labels and understanding what each symbol means. Washing clothing at cooler temperatures is just as effective and far better for the environment
Last updated 7 August 2023
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