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If you’re planning on holding an event in the Blaby District, please complete the Event Notification Form so all relevant services can be made aware of the details.
Once submitted your Event Notification Form will be circulated to relevant Safety Advisory Group members (ie Highways, Police etc.) who may contact you for further information.

The event organiser is responsible for putting on a safe and compliant event.

Event organisers should ensure all necessary permissions and licences are in place before it goes ahead.

Our Event Notification Form is designed to support organisers to run events safely, ensure that all of the necessary permissions/ licences are in place and that they comply with the relevant legislation and any permissions. It will prompt you to consider the key areas involved in running your event.

If one or more of the following criteria are met, then the event notification form should be completed:

  • Event involves in excess of 500 attendees whether alcohol is available or not
  • Highway impact
  • Attendance by VIPs 
  • Attendance by military
  • Has a community impact (for example, are there any issues that may affect a community's confidence in the Public Services should a response be required or any community tensions or any tensions that may arise from the planned event)

Many of the questions require yes/no answers, please answer as required. If you answer ‘yes’ to some of the questions, additional links are provided below to the relevant Council or other websites which will help you establish whether you need to provide additional information. We suggest looking at the links below before completing your form as some will be applicable to your event and will give more comprehensive information. Some departments or services may be in direct contact with you to obtain further details or you may need to complete additional forms.

It may sometime be necessary for events to be invited to a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and these can be convened by either Local Authorities or the Emergency Services. We will contact you once this form is received and notify you if this is the case. Remember the ultimate responsibility for the event safety lies with the event organiser and their management team.

Timescales: Please note if you require permission to use council land (including Public Open Spaces and Car Parks) for your event you will need to provide a minimum of 12 weeks’ notice in order for applications to be processed and permissions to be issued in time for the event.

Please Note: Please ensure you advise the Local Authority if you make any alterations, amendments or additions to your event once you have submitted your Event Notification Form.

Also you can refer to the Code of Practice BS 8551:2011 – Provision and Management of Temporary Water Supplies and Distribution Networks

Please Note: If you have 5 or more employees for your event or have a licence in force a written Fire Risk Assessment is legally required. To notify your event to Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) see their Request a Visit page.

Please Note: You should provide information on any concerns or issues that occurred during your event and these should be logged and discussed after the event.  Emergency services or local authority representatives may wish to attend any debrief which is arranged.  Relevant information should be provided to us within one month. 

What happens next?

Your Event Notification Form will be circulated to relevant external services and departments (for example, Highways, Police, Fire Service); they may contact you for further information. Local Authority internal teams will let you know what permissions and licences you need to apply for, and may contact you regarding environmental health matters.
We will make all relevant services aware of your event, however, responsibility for the safe and compliant delivery of an event rests with the event organiser.
Event organisers should ensure all necessary permissions and licences are in place before an event goes ahead.

Last updated 13 February 2024
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