Building Regulations Enforcement

We have the power to take formal action against any contraventions and/or breaches, as detailed in The Building Act 1984. Common contraventions and/or breaches of the Building Regulations include:

  • Failure to give the notice and deposit plans before commencing work
  • Failure to give the notice to inspect various stages of construction before covering up
  • Contraventions of specific regulations
  • Failure to give notice of completion of the work

The most common types of work carried out without people realising the need for approval is:

  • The removal of a load-bearing wall
  • A roof space conversion
  • Enlarging a window or door opening
  • Installing a central heating boiler or open fireplace
  • Installing new drainage
  • Converting outhouses or garages for habitable use
  • Rebuilding after demolition
  • Erection of an exempt conservatory but removing the wall or doors between it and the dwelling, thereby making it an extension to the house which is no longer exempt
  • Recovering of roofs

Only works which can be classed as maintenance and repair work are exempt from control under the Building Regulations.

In the majority of cases, problems are solved amicably but we will take action, where necessary, to ensure health and safety and to preserve good standards of construction. If the works are carried out without notice and/or inspection, then the unauthorised work will be declared on any land charge search made on the property which may affect the sale of your property.

We may also ask for the structure to be opened-up and/or take enforcement action.

It may be possible to submit a Regularisation Application to gain retrospective approval for unauthorised work.

Last updated 2 May 2022
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