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Senior Staff Salaries

Details of the salaries of senior officers of the Council who receive a basic salary of £50,000 and above is given below. Details of our Pay Policy Statement can also be accessed.


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Organisational and contextual information

At 1st April 2018, the Council employed 293 full-time equivalent members of staff. Estimated gross expenditure for the year 2018/19 is approximately £32.5 million. Services provided by the Council include refuse collection and recycling, street cleansing, public and environmental health, housing, parks and open spaces, leisure facilities, car parking, community safety, and housing and council tax benefits. The Council serves 42,000 households and a population of around 96,500.

Accountabilities and responsibilities of senior roles

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is the most senior officer who leads and takes responsibility for the work of the Council and is the statutory Head of Paid Service with overall management responsibility for the management of the Council’s affairs. The role also attracts a separate fee payment, as appropriate, for acting as returning officer for District, County, European and General elections.

Strategic Director S151

The post holder fulfils the role of Section 151 Officer for the Council and is also responsible for Finance Services, Neighbourhood Services and Assets, and Human Resources.

Strategic Director

The post holder has responsibility for Community Services, Regulatory and Leisure Services, and Planning Services.

Corporate Services Group Manager

Responsible for Customer Services, ICT, Communications, Performance, Democratic Services, Scrutiny, Legal Services, Electoral Registration, Land Charges and Business Continuity. The post holder also acts as the Council's Monitoring Officer.

Regulatory and Leisure Services Group Manager

Responsible for Environmental Health, Private Sector Housing, Licensing, Emergency Planning, Flood Management, Building Control, Car Parks, Pest Control, Dog Wardens, Health Improvement, Leisure and Cultural Services, Sports Development, Leisure Centres and Partnerships.

Neighbourhood Services and Assets Group Manager

Responsible for Refuse Collection and Recycling, Street Cleansing, Grounds Maintenance, Highways Cyclical Maintenance, Fleet Management, and the maintenance and upkeep of the Council's assets.

Housing and Community Services Group Manager

Responsible for Community Safety, Council Tax and Business Rates, Housing Benefits and Council Tax Support, Housing Options and Support, Troubled Families, Vulnerable People, and Benefits Fraud.

Planning and Economic Development Group Manager

Responsible for Development Control, Planning Policy, Housing Strategy and Economic Development.

HR Strategic Manager

Responsible for Human Resources including recruitment, retention and training, and the delivery of the Council's People Strategy.

Finance Strategic Manager

Responsible for the Council's Finance function, including the Medium Term Financial Strategy, procurement, and income collection.

Pay Policy Statement

Section 38 of the Localism Act 2011 requires local authorities to produce an Annual Pay Policy Statement. This includes:

  • The level and elements of remuneration for Chief Officers
  • The remuneration of the lowest paid employees
  • The pay differential, known as the ‘pay multiple’ between the remuneration of Chief Officers and other officers
  • Other aspects of Chief Officer remuneration, fees and charges and other discretionary payments

You can view our Pay Policy Statement at the top of the page.

Last updated 21 October 2020
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