Blaby Wi-Fi

Free public Wi-Fi is available for shoppers and visitors to Blaby Village Centre.

Who is providing the Wi-Fi:

Blaby District Council have re-acquired the services of Elephant WiFi. Elephant WiFi is first and foremost a GDPR compliant, safe platform for visitors to use in an open space. Primarily, Elephant WiFi is designed to offer free internet access via a safe access portal enhancing the customer experience whist capturing demographic data for the council.

Where to access Blaby Wi-Fi:

Available on Leicester Road and Lutterworth Road in Blaby, the Wi-Fi will see visitors to Blaby Village Centre able to save on their mobile data and overcome the challenges of signal issues within the village centre. 

How to access it:

The one-time registration can be accessed by selecting Blaby Free Wi-Fi and logging in via Facebook or the registration form. Once logged in, the mobile device will connect automatically to the free Wi-Fi every time you visit Blaby Town Centre in the future.


Last updated 24 October 2023
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