Buzzing Roots - Empowering Communities through Creative Exploration and Cultural Connection

Buzzing Roots is an East Midlands community interest company. It positively impacts the lives of adults, young people, and families by harnessing the power of creativity to explore and celebrate local culture and the built environment.

Established in June 2020, Buzzing Roots has quickly gained a strong track record as a provider of community-based programmes focusing on cultural heritage and environmental issues.

The organisation has received support from several prominent organisations, including Arts Council England, Seven Trent Water, the National Lottery, De Montfort University, and local authorities in Leicester and Leicestershire.

To help communities flourish and build networks Buzzing Roots works with a diverse range of partners, including schools, creative practitioners, cultural organisations, and local authorities.

Key achievements include successfully delivering several community initiatives, impacting participants' lives by connecting them to local cultural and environmental spaces. This hands-on approach encourages tangible, real-life activity and promotes growth within communities.

Buzzing Roots directors possess extensive experience and specialist knowledge in working with diverse communities, and help them to identify with their culture and heritage. The team's lived experience within these communities allows them to effectively reach and engage local people in co-creating social change and co-producing over ten community projects in just the last 12 months.

What service users say about Buzzing Roots

By focusing on cultural identity and expression, Buzzing Roots empowers individuals to share their stories, support the growth of their communities, and create lasting change. Here is a quote from one of the service users:

“Buzzing Roots developed and delivered cultural activities at Braunstone Town Community Library using nature, music, and art as a catalyst to connect the whole community. By joining in with the projects, individuals fed back that they felt happier, less isolated, and more connected to others and the place they live.

I feel that Liga’s warm and caring way helped individuals attending this type of activity for the first time feel welcome, included and listened to, which meant they grew in confidence week by week. Many project participants are eager to join in with more activities at the library, and a few feel ready to volunteer. I hope we can work together with Buzzing Roots on similar types of community engagement in the future.”

School Roots Programme

Buzzing Roots recently launched the School Roots programme. This education programme offers high-quality creative activities for children and young people of all abilities. Buzzing Roots artists work in partnership with schools to inspire curiosity and spark creativity and creative thinking amongst pupils and teachers alike.

They work with a range of highly skilled and experienced specialist practitioners to develop and lead the School Roots programme, always ensuring that the experience and learning opportunities offered are of the highest quality and, most of all fun!

Each of the programme sessions has a version of working in smaller groups with children most in need. This includes those new to speaking English or new to the country, those with home life disruptions, behaviour problems and other difficulties. These sessions support young people’s social and emotional interactions.

If you are a teacher, check the website using the link below! If you are a parent, let your school know so they don’t miss out on this.

The importance of nurturing the next generation

Liga Orlovska, the director of Buzzing Roots, shares her thoughts on the importance of nurturing the next generation:

"It is essential that we raise children who are eco-conscious, happy, and serene while embracing their lives wholeheartedly. By fostering a deep connection with nature and promoting creative thinking, we empower young people to become responsible stewards of our planet and develop a strong foundation for mental and emotional wellbeing. At Buzzing Roots, we believe that a sustainable and fulfilling future begins with nurturing the hearts and minds of our youth today."

For more information about Buzzing Roots and its initiatives visit the website using the link below.

You can also follow Buzzing Roots on Facebook and Twitter using the links in the contact us section of the Buzzing Roots website.

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Last updated 23 May 2023
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