Report Abandoned Vehicles

We will remove abandoned vehicles from public land (including highways) and on private land with landowner’s consent.

How to report an abandoned vehicle

You can report an abandoned vehicle by filling in the online form.

Before we can begin action to remove the vehicle we will need to make sure it is abandoned and will require the following details:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • The location of the vehicle
  • Whether the vehicle is on public or private land
  • The type of vehicle, the colour, and registration number (if available)
  • Whether the vehicle is currently taxed/untaxed. Vehicle tax discs are no longer required, please check if a vehicle is taxed online
  • Whether the vehicle is a wreck (for example burnt out, tyres deflated etc.)
  • How long the vehicle has been there
Last updated 16 July 2024
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