Customer Service Standards

Our purpose is to put the customer at the heart of everything we do. However customers get in touch with us, we always aim to consistently provide an excellent and efficient service.

We take pride in treating people well, being accessible and providing a helpful resolution to any enquiry.

We have a range of Service Standards which apply across the whole organisation so that customers are aware of what levels of service they can expect from us.

If any of our customers ever feel disappointed about any aspect of our service we would like to know as we want to ensure that everyone who contacts us, for whatever reason, is pleased with the service that they receive.

Corporate Service Standards

We are committed to providing all our customers with an excellent service.

We always aim to:

  • See you promptly upon arrival at any of our offices
  • Deal with your enquiry or service request quickly and efficiently
  • Keep you informed
  • Listen and be courteous and helpful
  • Treat you fairly and equally
  • Arrange for private interview facilities, if required
  • Keep our website up to date and accessible

You can normally expect:

  • To be seen within 10 minutes of your arrival at our offices
  • To have your telephone call answered within ten rings
  • To receive a response within one working day to any answer phone or voicemail message you have left
  • To receive a reply to letters and emails within 10 working days
  • To be offered an appointment with an appropriate officer (if not available at the time of your visit) within 10 working days
  • To have any complaint dealt with promptly and following our complaints procedures

Department standards

Download the Customer Service Standards document to find information about the timescales for a response from us based on the topic you contact us about.

Last updated 25 March 2021
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