Census Information

The census is a once-in-a-decade survey that gives us the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. It has been carried out every decade since 1801, except for 1941.

The most recent census was in 2021, with the resulting data and insights available to everyone via the Office for National Statistics 'Census 2021' website link found below.

The census provides a wealth of demographic information that can help public organisations inform and shape service delivery to the public.

Benefits of the Census

A census counts everybody, as the population's characteristics are always changing, it helps to describe society. A census is one of the main ways of accurately measuring change across the whole population.

The population of England and Wales, Leicestershire County and Blaby District is made up of many jigsaw pieces: different ages, different sexes and different ethnic groups. The census is the picture which shows how they are put together.

By knowing how many people live within the borders of England and Wales, Leicestershire County and Blaby District everyone can plan properly for the future.  The information helps ensure local services such as transport, housing, schools and hospitals, can be provided where they are needed.

Census data informs central and local government, helping to allocating billions of pounds in public funding to the right areas over the ten years.

Last updated 20 June 2024
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