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The Queen's Green Canopy

What is the Queen's Green Canopy? 

The Queens Green Canopy is a nationwide event encouraging people to “plant a tree for the Queen’s Jubilee”. Everyone from individuals to corporations are being asked to plant, purchase or donate trees to be planted in villages, towns and cities alike.

This is a fantastic opportunity to inject some more natural habitats into the District and at the same time educate our residents on the importance of increasing plant life to combat climate change. The UK’s Green Spaces remove up to 1.2 Billion KG of air pollutants each year and adding to these will benefit the district further.

We are hoping to hold an event later this year where we can gift our residents with some domestic garden friendly trees to enable us to make our mark on the Queens Green Canopy Maps. 

Did you know? 

  • Hedgerows are home to 80% of the UK’s birds
  • The UK’s Green Spaces remove up to 1.2 Billion KG of air pollutants each year
  • Whilst trees only cover 30% of Earth’s land surface – they are home to 80% of the world’s known terrestrial biodiversity
  • A mature tree can sequester around 21KG of Carbon Dioxide per year – That’s the same amount a car can produce over 8700 miles
  • The Queen has planted over 1500 trees during her reign

Please check back in on this page in the near future for updates on our Queens Green Canopy Event. 

Last updated 6 May 2022
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