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Our previous experience meant that we could tackle the Covid pandemic swiftly and effectively. We also took inspiration from bygone days and our predecessors.

We installed a screen at the front of the shop, which prevented customers entering the premises but enabled us to serve them safely and provided a safe environment for our staff. We would have had the screen installed from day 1 but it took 10 weeks to get our hands on the plastic!

During the BSE crisis we received no support, so we were really grateful to get the grant funding to help us with rents, furlough and changes we need to make.

We have seen a rise in the support local message. Have you seen an increase in customers wanting to support you?

Yes absolutely, butchery is a real trade and we pride ourselves on delivering great value for money. We can provide help and advice to our customers, which you can’t get from a large supermarket. We want to know our customers inside out, so we can give them what they need. Honestly, the opening of Morrison’s has had no impact on us, I’m pleased to say; we must be doing something right!

What would you say to someone considering butchery as a career?

Go for it, it’s the whole package. Learning butchery skills, customer service, marketing etc we do it all. There’s more to being a butcher than you would think!

We are now in BBQ season, what are your top tips?

Well number 1 has to be hygiene! Use a good probe to make sure that the meat is thoroughly cooked through.

My top tip for lamb to bring out the flavour is to marinade it in salt and plenty of lemon/lime juice, I tend to do this halfway through cooking. Very simple but the results are delicious.

P.S. Jo tried the lemon and salt tip and can report it really was delicious!

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Last updated 30 December 2022
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