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Open Mind Training and Development Ltd

Sandra Pollock OBE tells us about her consultancy business which offers training and support to business owners of all sizes and business types:

I started this business originally in 2004 as Open Mind Coaching but then registered as a limited company in 2008. The service provides training, executive coaching, and consultancy to businesses of all sizes in leadership, management, people development, membership growth, diversity, and inclusion.

I began this consultancy because having been a senior manager myself I understood how lonely it can be at a senior level. There is a higher expectation to have all the answers but fewer people you can trust to support you to achieve the levels of excellence you know you can. We can do all with an objective and independent viewpoint. 

Managing a business, developing your staff, and leading for growth is similar wherever you may be across the world. There may be certain customs and legislative differences, but at the end of the day understanding how to work with people is a transferable skill. Understanding how to develop a strategy that's workable and takes your business forward to success is paramount. That is what Open Mind Training and Development Ltd supports leaders and organisations to do. 

Last updated 5 April 2022
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