Spare Room Subsidy

The Spare Room Subsidy is also known as the Social Sector Size Criteria "Bedroom Tax".

Anyone who receives Housing Benefits will have their benefit reduced depending on the number of bedrooms classed as spare.

For example, if your rent is £100 a week, you need to pay the following extra rent yourself:

  • £14 more if you have one spare room
  • £25 more if you have two spare rooms

What is expected?

  • Girls and boys under ten years of age are expected to share a bedroom
  • Children of the same gender should share a bedroom up to 16 years of age
  • If you are not the main carer of your children, such as only seeing them at weekends, you will not be allowed an extra bedroom

You will be expected to cover any shortfall in rent with any loss of benefit due to the above rules. You could also apply to see if you qualify for a Discretionary Housing Payment.

Last updated 29 September 2023
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