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Council Tax online services will be unavailable between Saturday 8 May 4pm and Sunday 9 May 12pm due to essential maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Snow and ice affects bin collections

Live Purple Bin Lorry

The continued poor road conditions due to the weekend weather has meant that we have been unable to complete some of our scheduled bin collections on Monday 25 January and today (Tuesday 26 January). A list of the streets where we were unable to collect is below.

For the safety of our crews and residents we have been unable to enter some streets due to snow and ice. 

We apologise if you were expecting your refuse, recycling or garden waste bin to be collected today.  We will be returning to the streets listed below this Thursday (28 January) to empty your bin(s). 

Please make sure you present your bin by 7am on Thursday.

Tuesday 26 January - Missed Streets


Barton Close - Enderby
Conery Lane - Enderby
Desford Road - Narborough
Gayton Heights - Enderby
Moores Lane - Enderby
Salts Close - Enderby
School Lane - Narborough
The Cross – Enderby
West Street - Enderby


Buttercup Close - Narborough
Camelot Way - Narborough
Finch Way - Narborough
Meadow Court - Narborough
Mellier Close - Narborough
Pimpernel Close - Narborough

Monday 25 January - Missed Streets


Andrew Avenue - Cosby
Armston Road - Cosby
Ash Road - Croft
Bakery Close - Cosby
Bradbury Close - Cosby
Bridle Close - Croft
Brierfield Road - Cosby
Brookes Avenue - Croft
Burley Close - Cosby
Carey Road - Huncote
Chapel Lane - Cosby
Chestnut Close - Littlethorpe
Church Farm Close - Cosby
Compton Drive - Huncote
Countesthorpe Road - Whetstone
Dovecote Road - Croft
Elm Tree Road - Cosby
Eunice Avenue - Huncote
Farthingdale Close - Cosby
Gimson Avenue - Cosby
Haines Road - Huncote
Hill Street - Croft
Holliers Way - Croft
Kendalls Avenue - Croft
Kingsfield Road - Cosby
Lady Leys - Cosby
Lodge Close - Huncote
Main Street - Cosby
Manor Road - Cosby
Marston Road - Croft
Mount Road - Cosby
Orchard Close - Cosby
Peers Way - Huncote
Petersfield - Croft
Pochin Street - Croft
Poplars Road - Croft
Preston Way - Huncote
Ratcliffe Drive - Huncote
Richmond Close - Cosby
Ridge Gardens - Cosby
School Close - Croft
Spence Lane - Huncote
St James Close - Huncote
Steadman Avenue - Cosby
The Banks - Cosby
The Green - Croft
The Nook - Cosby
Tudor Drive - Cosby
Walnut Leys - Cosby
White Barn Drive - Cosby
Williams Close - Littlethorpe
Windsor Gardens - Croft


All Saints Close – Sapcote
Aston Way - Sapcote
Bridle Path Road - Elmesthorpe
Bumble Bee Lane - High Cross
Bumble Bee Lane - Sharnford
Carey Hill Road - Stoney Stanton
Castle Close - Sapcote
Chapel Lane - Sharnford
Chapel Street - Sharnford
Chesterton Court - Stoney Stanton
Church Lane - Wigston Parva
Church Street - Sapcote
Church View Close - Stoney Stanton
Coventry Road - Wigston Parva
Disney Close - Stoney Stanton
Donkey Lane - Sapcote
Doudney Close - Stoney Stanton
Elder Close - Sapcote
Farndon Drive - Stoney Stanton
Fletcher Road - Stoney Stanton
George Marriott Close - Stoney Stanton
Greencroft - Stoney Stanton
Hawthorn Grove - Sapcote
Howe Close - Stoney Stanton
Johnson Rise - Stoney Stanton
Livesey Drive - Sapcote
Lockley Gardens - Sapcote
Lockley Mews - Sapcote
Lovett Close - Sapcote
Lychgate Lane - Aston Flamville
Manor House Close - Aston Flamville
Martin Close - Stoney Stanton
Middleton Close - Stoney Stanton
Mill Lane - Sharnford
Moat Gardens - Sapcote
New Walk - Sapcote
Old School Yard - Sapcote
Orchard Lea Close - Sapcote
Peters Close - Stoney Stanton
Richardson Close - Stoney Stanton
Riley Close - Stoney Stanton
Rookery Close - Sapcote
Shadrack Close - Stoney Stanton
St Helens Close - Sharnford
Stevens Close - Stoney Stanton
Tansey Crescent - Stoney Stanton
The Green - Wigston Parva
The Orchard - Stoney Stanton
The Oval - Stoney Stanton
Townsend Road - Stoney Stanton
Underwood Drive - Stoney Stanton
Watling Street - Wigston Parva
Webbs Way - Stoney Stanton
West Field Road - Sapcote

Garden Waste

Aston Lane - Sharnford
Brookfield - Sharnford
Buckinghams Way - Sharnford
Bumble Bee Gardens - Sharnford
Bumble Bee Lane - High Cross
Butler Close - Sharnford
Chapel Lane - Sharnford
Chapel Street - Sharnford
Church Farm Court - Aston Flamville
Church Lane - Wigston Parva
Coopers Close - Sharnford
Coventry Road - Sharnford
Coventry Road - Wigston Parva
Fosse Close - Sharnford
Fox Hollies - Sharnford
Halls Crescent - Sharnford
Henson Way - Sharnford
High Lees - Sharnford
Hinckley Road - Aston Flamville
Holyoak Drive - Sharnford
Johnson Rise - Stoney Stanton
Leicester Road - Sharnford
Lychgate Lane - Aston Flamville
Manor House Close - Aston Flamville
Mill Lane - Sharnford
Outh Drive - Stoney Stanton
Park View - Sharnford
Parsons Lane - Sharnford
School Lane - Sharnford
Sharnbrook Gardens - Sharnford
St Helens Close - Sharnford
The Green - Sharnford
The Green - Wigston Parva
The Orchard - Stoney Stanton
The Oval - Stoney Stanton
Willowbrook Close - Sharnford

26 January 2021
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