Examiner approves Cosby Neighbourhood Plan

Cosby village sign

Blaby District Council is delighted to announce that an independent examiner has passed the Cosby Neighbourhood Plan and is now set to move to a referendum to be approved by Cosby residents.

Neighbourhood Plans set out an area’s ambitions to shape the development and growth of their local areas, and what it should look like. The process for Cosby’s Neighbourhood Plan began several years ago, with Blaby District Council working closely and positively with Cosby Parish Council in assisting the development of their plan.

The plan for Cosby focuses on the themes of good design, safeguarding historic buildings and green spaces, and protecting and improving community facilities and amenities.

Following a consultation with Cosby residents in March, the plan was submitted to an independent examiner in May. The independent examiner has passed the Neighbourhood Plan with minor modification to policies and recommended it to be sent to a public referendum.

District Councillors will first vote on whether to send the plan to a referendum at a future Council meeting. If approved, a date for the referendum will be set and residents informed of the referendum date.

Neighbourhood Plans are an increasingly popular and important part of local villages being able to have their input on planning matters. Blaby District Council has been proud to work closely with Parish Councils to help their shape their plans, which have already been approved in Blaby Parish and the ‘Fosse Villages,’ a group of 10 villages in the south of the district.

Councillor Ben Taylor, Planning Delivery and Enforcement and Corporate Transformation Portfolio Holder, said: “We are delighted to see this plan get the seal of approval from the independent examiner. Both Cosby Parish Council and our Officers have worked incredibly hard to get to this point, creating the best plan for the village.

“To see yet another Neighbourhood Plan progress so smoothly is a triumph and highlights our commitment to ensuring that residents and Parish Councils can have a specific input on planning in their village.

“We’ll now look toward our future Council meeting, where I hope Councillors rubber stamp this for Cosby residents to vote on the plan.”

More information about the plan, including the documents, are available on the Neighbourhood Planning webpage.

27 June 2022