Be A Good Neighbour

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The summer has arrived, and with many residents looking forward to the long evenings and warm weather, issues like fly tipping, neighbour disputes, loud music and parties or antisocial behaviour can arise. Some things can ruin people’s fun.

Be a Good Neighbour is highlighting the advice and information that helps people approach difficult situations and conversations with neighbours and the community, to try and resolve situations without needing to involve the Council. Small acts have a big impact, and it could take just a cuppa to sort!

Blaby District Council’s website has the information you need for dealing with issues and raising concerns. Find information and resources for the following issues on our website:

Taking informal action

Noise complaints

Fly tipping

Antisocial behaviour

Taking positive, practical steps in tough situations can have a huge benefit to both resident’s wellbeing and the local community. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that communities can and do come together. The information and help available above is an important part of helping our local areas. You can also view all our information and advice on the behaviour section of the site.

Let's make the new normal a nicer normal as we move forward together.

25 June 2021
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