Work Experience

Blaby District Council wishes to provide opportunities for people to understand the world of work and in so doing, raise awareness of Local Government as an excellent employer, and work towards ensuring the workforce is representative of the community it serves.


Blaby District Council (BDC) has made a commitment to providing a programme of apprenticeships to contribute to the development of people in accessing and understanding the world of work.

Apprentice positions within some areas of the Council could be available on a rolling basis. This means that as contracts for the apprenticeships come to a conclusion the intention is to advertise the position to offer an opportunity for another person to enter the world of work, providing a continuous opportunity to bring new people into the organisation and equip them with a valuable qualification.

Work Placement or Experience

By accepting work experience/placements Blaby District Council is fulfilling a vital role in helping individuals (either students or adults) to gain experience of work within a District Council setting. Such experience will assist with building confidence, developing vital skills and abilities and gaining knowledge of a local government environment.

BDC liaises with local secondary schools to arrange one/two week(s) work experience placements throughout the year for young people aged over 14+.

The placements give young people the opportunity to experience what it is like to go to work and to see what specific jobs involve.

We also offer work experience placements to local young people who arrange their own placement.

If you are interested in applying for work experience please email or write to us on the details to the right.

Please ensure that you state the dates you would like to attend for work experience, the department you are interested in working with and provide us with an understanding about what you would like to achieve by working at BDC.

Internships or Trainee Positions

By offering Internship/Trainee positions within BDC we are committing to providing opportunities for college and university students giving individuals vital practical work experience relevant to their studies and enabling them to complete their professional qualifications.

The duration of the internship or traineeship will be dependant upon the nature of the course and the profession that the individual is undertaking, but will always be on a fixed term contract basis.

Internship vacancies are advertised on an adhoc basis via local Universities and the our website.

Last updated 19 September 2019
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