Publication Scheme

Our Publication Scheme outlines the type of information we routinely publish, where you can find it, any associated charges and provides greater accessibility to the Council's services and functions.

Every local authority is required to have a Publication Scheme and ours is based on the Information Commissioners Office's model publication scheme.

Who we are and what we do

Council Constitution

The constitution consists of a number of documents that set out the basic principles that underpin the way in which the Council operates.

It includes details of the Council and the committees to which it has delegated various powers and the functions that are the responsibility of the Cabinet Executive. This includes financial regulations, the code of practice, suppliers and services, codes of conduct for members and employees and member's allowances.

Visit the Council Constitution page.

Council Democratic Structure

Information on the elected members and political makeup of the Council is available on Political Structure.

Organisational Chart

Names and contact information for the Chief Executive and Directors are available with a structure chart showing senior leadership on the Senior Leadership Team webpage.

Location and Opening Times of Council Properties

Opening times and bank holiday closures of the Council offices along with locations and how to find us are all available on the Contact the Council page.

Contact Details for Customer Facing Departments

Ways in which you can get in touch with us and contact details for various departments and services are available using the Contact Us link above.

Current Elected Councillors
Information and contact details for the current members of Blaby District Council including contact details for each member, is available from the Find Your Councillor page.

Voting and Elections

The results and statistics from recent District, Parish, County, Parliamentary and European elections that have taken place in the District are available on the Voting and Elections webpages.

Relationships with Other Authorities

We are one of seven District and Borough Councils in Leicestershire which, together, operate as part of a three-tier system. Responsibilities are divided between the Parish, District and County Council.

Leicestershire County Council is responsible for a variety of functions, including:

  • Education and youth services
  • Social care
  • Highways and transport
  • Street lighting
  • Libraries and museums
  • Registrar services
  • Trading standards
  • Planning/ development - at the County level
  • Waste management - strategic level

There are 24 Parish and Town Council's within Blaby District, they have a range of responsibilities, depending on their size, including:

  • Allotments
  • Cemeteries
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Village Halls

The other District and Borough Council's within Leicestershire are:

In addition to County and District Authorities, Leicester City Council operates as a Unitary Authority.

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial statements, budgets and variance reports

Financial Information including budgets and details of expenditure over £250 is available on the Performance and Budgets page.

Capital Programme

We produce a Capital Programme annually which sets out its planned expenditure on long term assets such as land and buildings. View the most recent Capital Programme.

Medium Term Financial Strategy

Financial plans demonstrate how our financial resources will be deployed over the next three years to deliver the declared aims and priorities. It sets out the overall shape of the budget by determining the level of resources that will be available and how these are currently allocated between services. Visit the Medium Term Financial Strategy webpage.

Financial Audit Report

Copies of reports from the Council's Audit Committee, including the annual audit can be found by selecting 'Audit Committee' the Committee Meetings page.

Councillors' Allowances

The total allowances and expenses paid to councillors by reference to categories, such as travel, subsistence and accommodation. Information on individual members is available to download on the Councillor Allowances and Expenses page.

Senior Staff Salaries

Information on the pay and responsibilities of senior staff is available via the Senior Staff Salaries page.

Pay and Grading Structures

Information on the pay and grading structure and employee benefits are available in our Jobs section of the website.

The pay multiple shows the ratio between the highest-paid salary and the median average salary for the entire Council's workforce.

Election Expenses

Information on expenses incurred by candidates in the elections is available to inspect at the Council offices in Narborough. Please contact the Elections team by using the contact form below.

Procurement Procedures

The Council is committed to the principles of the best value and will agree on contracts with providers of goods, services and works who are most able to demonstrate that same commitment. The information is available on the Tenders and Procurement page.

Contracts and Tenders

Any contracts that the Council has entered with a value of £5001 (or £1001 for voluntary, community and social enterprises) are available to view on the contracts register.

Information on contracts and tenders is also included in the Council’s constitution.

Details of Grants to the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector

Each year the Council makes funds available to help support and develop community facilities and activities in the district. Information is available on the Community Grants page.

Internal Financial Regulations

Details of the financial regulations can be seen in the Council's constitution.

Our priorties and how we are doing

Annual Reports

Our annual report is designed to help you, as residents and members of the business community, to find out what we do and how well we are doing it.  View the latest annual report

Scrutiny Reports

Each year the Scrutiny Commission publishes an annual report which outlines the work it has completed in the previous year and details its work programme for the forthcoming year. Information can be found on the Scrutiny section of the website.

Strategies, Plans and Policies

Many of the plans, policies and strategies produced by the Council, broken down by service, are available from the website – and can be accessed through the Strategies and Plans section.

Partnership Strategies

Strategies developed in partnership with other authorities include:

  • Community Safety Partnership - In partnership with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council
    First Contact Scheme
  • Blaby Home Search - In partnership with six local authorities in Leicestershire and housing associations
  • Supporting Leicestershire Families - County-wide service bringing together County and District Councils, Leicestershire Police, the NHS and other agencies

Economic Development Action Plan

The economic strategy that puts forward a vision and plan that will guide future economic development activity and inward investment, within the context of national, regional and local policy. The plan for the period 2016 – 2019 is available on the Local Economy page.

Forward Plan

The forward plan is a list of key and non-key decisions to be taken by the Cabinet Executive and Council during the period covered by the plan. Information is available on the Forward Plan page.

Capital Strategy

The Capital Strategy formalises how the Council will maximise the capital resources available to achieve our objectives and is available on the Open Data page.

Equality Impact Assessment

To ensure as far as possible that our services are appropriate and accessible to everyone who needs them, we have developed an Equality Impact and Needs Assessment process for both new and existing services and policies.

Service Standards

Information on our customer service and internet service standards is available from the Customer Service Standards page.

Records Management System

Visit the Freedom of Information page for a copy of the current records management and destruction strategy.

How we make decisions

The timetable of Council Meetings

A timetable of Council meeting is published and updated on a regular basis on the Calendar of Committee Meetings page.

Meetings, Agendas, Reports and Minutes

All of the agenda, reports, background papers and minutes of the Council's formal meetings are available to download.

Facts and Analyses of Facts

Background papers are attached to the policy reports that go to Council for approval. For specific information, you will need to access the reports using the Meetings, Agendas, Reports and Minutes link above.

Major Policy Proposals and Decisions

Major policy proposals and decisions can be seen on the papers approved by Council can be viewed on the Decisions page.

Public Consultations

Copies of public consultations and public notices are available via the dedicated section of the website.

Our policies and procedures

Policies and Procedures for Conducting Council Business

The procedures and policies for conducting Council business are included in the Council's constitution.

Pay Policy Statement

The pay policy statement sets out the pay levels and other allowances for employees and is approved by Cabinet each year.

Recruitment of Staff

Information on staff recruitment and employment is available on the Jobs section of the website.

Customer Service

We are always looking for better ways to meet your needs and we welcome feedback to help us improve our services. If you have reason to feel dissatisfied with any aspect of our service we want to know. If you feel we are doing something well, we would like to know that too. Visit our feedback page for more information on how to do so.

Records Management and Personal Data

The Council's data protection notice can be accessed on the Data Protection page.

Information about personal data and your rights is available on the Personal Information page.

Information about GDPR and links to the Council’s information asset register is available on the Personal information page.

Charging Regimes and Policies

The Council approves a schedule of charges as part of the budget approval each February. The latest schedule can be viewed on the Schedule of Charges page.

Lists and registers

Electoral Register

The register of electors can be inspected at the Council offices. An edited version is available to purchase in various forms, for more information contact the elections department. Further information is available on the Electoral Register page.

Asset Register

A list of assets owned by the Council is available to view online.


Information about the CCTV footage the Council captures. In addition to the above for safety reasons, Our waste vehicles are fitted with CCTV – this is clearly marked on the vehicles themselves. Further information is available from the CCTV page.

Disclosure Logs

The Council maintains a Disclosure Log of all Freedom of Information requests that we receive, this log details the type of information requested, how many days it took to respond and what the outcome was. This is available on the Freedom of Information webpage.

Register of Councillors' Financial and Other Interests

All membersof the Council are required by law to complete a declaration of interests form to register their personal, financial and other interests. These can be viewed on the Declaration of Interest page.

Gifts and Hospitality Register

This register includes a list of all gifts received by members of staff and includes all details of the donation. This is available online on the Open Data page.

List of Current Planning Applications

All current planning applications are available to view online.

Licensing Register

Our online licensing register gives you up to date information on licensed premises, operators, vehicle, driver and personal license holders. The register is available on the Public register of business licenses.

Car Park Register

This register gives all details of all off-street car parking spaces within the District, available on the Parking Information page.

Services provided by the Council

Regulatory and Licensing Responsibilities

Information on all licenses and permits for entertainment and alcohol, food businesses, street traders and leisure services is available on the Licensing page.

Planning and Building

Information on planning and building control services is available on the Planning section of the website.

Services for Local Businesses

Information for local businesses including; licensing, permits and business rates, is available from the Business section of the website.

Services for Other Organisations

We deliver the Local land charges property searches for Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and Oadby and Wigston Borough Council. Local land charges search form part of the conveyancing process when buying, selling or re-mortgaging a property. Information is available on the Land Charges section.

Services for Members of the Public

Information on services for residents of the Blaby District including; bin collection dates, council tax and job vacancies are available from this website.

Services for which the Council is Entitled to Recover a Fee

The schedule of charges is approved by Council each year as part of the budget setting process for the forthcoming financial year and it sets out chargeable services and the cost of charge. The schedule is available on the Finance section of the website.

Information for Visitors

Visit Blaby covers various services and functions such as events, museums, libraries and leisure information. See the Visit Blaby section for more.

Leisure and Parks

Information on Blaby District's leisure and parks, including green spaces and farmers markets, and the Pavillion and Enderby Leisure Centre’s is available from the Leisure section of the website.

Information on Parks in Leicestershire county is available from Leicestershire County Council.

Play areas and some parks in the district are owned by the local Parish or Town Council.

Leaflets, Booklets and Newsletters

The Council's current leaflets, booklets and newsletters are available in hard copy from the council offices in Narborough and many are available at public libraries in the District.

Blaby District Council produces and publishes the 'Contact' magazine for all residents of the district. Contact is delivered to all households three times a year in March, July and November. It is also available for download from the Contact Magazine section of the website.

Media Releases

The Council’s press releases are available from the News page.

Election Information

The offices of the Returning Officer and of the Electoral Registration Officer are separate to the functions of the Council.

However information held by us on behalf of the two offices is not currently covered by the Freedom of Information Act. However, much of the information about elections is also held by the Council and where we are allowed to by law we will make this information available through the publication scheme, for example forthcoming elections, election results, review of polling stations, information on becoming a councillor, voting procedures.

Last updated 7 January 2020
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